”Use of digital technologies for better business results” – apply for a hybrid workshop! 

The project ”Innovation and Digitalisation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina” that is financed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH aims to build the capacities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the provision of support to the development of the private sector through innovation and digitalisation. The project organises free trainings on digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises that provide the participants with know-how they can apply directly at their companies.  

Free trainings include trainings in person, workshops (in person and online) and webinars (online). Topics presented during trainings and workshops are discussed in more details during webinars, including giving of specific examples based on which participants can better understand the advantages of certain digital technologies, solutions and business models.

The goal of the next workshop organised by GIZ and the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, with the support of the European Entrepreneurship Network (EEN) is to enable participants to improve their knowledge and exchange experiences regarding market research in the field of digital marketing, branding, e-commerce and improvement of business operations.  

The workshop ”Use of digital technologies for better business results” will be held at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska on April 6, 2023 (Thursday) at 11:00. The registration for online participation is possible until Tuesday, April 4, 2023. The registration link is available on the official website of the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska.   

Trainers of the workshop are employees of the German company Luvent Consulting GmbH and experts for digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises with long-term experience:

  • Siniša Begović, Croatia and
  • Aleksandar Mastilović, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The use of digital technologies contributes to a more efficient management of resources, standardisation of business processes, reduction of errors during work, optimisation of costs and adoption of the relevant business decisions based on reliable data – find more information and apply.

Together towards innovative business models!


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