How to assess the current situation regarding the digital transformation of one’s own company?  

The digital transformation has become a key part of business operations in the contemporary business world. Irrespective of the industry size or sector, today almost every company is undergoing the process of digital transformation. Recognising the current state of digital transformation at a company is crucial for the planning of future steps and improvement of the competitive position in the market. In this article, we will focus on how to assess the current situation regarding the digital transformation of your company in five key steps.

  1. Mapping of digital initiatives

The first step in the assessment of the current state of the digital transformation is the mapping of all existing digital initiatives within a company. This includes the projects and technologies that are being used, but also those planned to be used in the future. Categorise initiatives in areas such as automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, user experience, digital marketing and cooperation. This map of digital initiatives will give you a comprehensive overview of the current situation regarding digital transformation.

  1. Evaluation of technological infrastructure 

The analysis of the technological infrastructure of your company will help you identify potential deficiencies and areas for improvement. Verify whether your company has an up-to-date and flexible IT infrastructure that can support fast-paced changes in technology and business. Also, analyse to what extent your company meets industrial standards and data security requirements.       

  1. Efficiency measuring

Measure the efficiency of digital initiatives at your companies based on various key performance indicators (KPIs). This can also include an increase in the income, decrease in costs, improvement of user experience, higher employee productivity and better competitive position. A comparison of your results and industry average values or competitors can give you a better insight in your digital maturity.

  1. Digital culture analysis

A digital transformation does not only relate to technology, but also to a corporate culture shift. Assess to what extent your employees are willing to embrace change, to what extent they are trained to use new technologies and to what extent the management is engaged in the promotion of innovation and digital initiatives. Support open communication, cooperation and exchange of ideas between departments and employees. Digital culture is crucial for the long-term success of the digital transformation.       

  1. Comparison to competitors and industrial trends  

Analyse competitors and industry trends in order to better understand your position as compared to other companies. A comparison to your competitors can help you identify areas in which you lag behind and possibilities for improvement. Also, by following industry trends and innovation, you will be able to recognise new technologies and practices that you might apply at your company in order to remain competitive.               

The assessment of the current state of digital transformation at your company requires a comprehensive approach that includes technology, culture, efficiency and adaptation to industry trends. By implementing these five key steps, you will be able to better understand your current position on your digital journey and focus your resources and efforts on areas that require improvement. This will enable you to speed up your digital transformation and improve the competitive position of your company in the market.


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