8 steps to protect your company from cyber attacks

Guaranteeing cyber security in case of your company is an important step to protect your business, corporate assets and clients from cyber attacks. You can take several steps to establish a cyber security system at your company:

1. Develop a cyber security policy

A cyber security policy is a document describing security measures that your company will take to protect itself and its assets from cyber threats. Such a policy needs to be regularly reviewed and updated and all employees have to be aware of it.

2. Train your employees

Employees are frequently the first line of defence from cyber threats. It is important to ensure regular trainings in order for them to know the best cyber security practices and learn how to identify and report potential threats.

3. Introduce strong passwords

Use strong and original passwords for all accounts and devices. Encourage your employees to do the same. Consider using a password management programme to make it easier to protect and manage them.

The length of a password is an important factor in determining its strength. In general, longer passwords are stronger and more secure than shorter ones, since it is more difficult to guess them or breach them using automatised tools.

It is recommended to use a 12-character password.

It is important to mention that the length of a password is not the only factor that determines its strength. Other factors such as the combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and special characters can also contribute to the strength of a password.

In addition to using strong and long passwords, it is also important to use different passwords for different accounts and regularly update one’s passwords in order to additionally improve their security.

4. Use a two-factor authentication

A two-factor authentication ensures additional security, since it requires an additional verification of authentication (such as a code sent to a cellphone) in addition to a password.

5. Regularly update your systems

Take care that all systems, applications and software are up to date, including the latest security patches.

6. Use a firewall and an anti-virus software

Firewalls and anti-virus software can help you protect your network from unauthorised access and malicious software.

7. Back up your data

Creating regular backups of your data can help to protect your business operations in case of a cyber attack or loss of data.

8. Hire cyber security experts

All of the above steps will be much easier to implement with the assistance of cyber security experts. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are companies specialised in cyber security.

By implementing these steps, you can ensure strong cyber security for your company and protect it from cyber threats. It is important to regularly review and update your cyber security measures in order to be sure that they efficiently protect your business operations.


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