Digital Storm DIH is the result of cooperation between QSS and FabLab BiH. Our mission is to create and facilitate an ecosystem of digital innovations and stimulate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in digitalisation in order to increase their market agility and competitiveness.

Our vision is to become a leading regional competence and service centre for digital innovations and transformation of SMEs and we believe that the synergy that is part of Digital Storm DIH, our service offer and market approach will be complementary, efficient and successful.

The pressure resulting from the digitalisation and transformation is increasing in case of all organisations. Small and medium-sized enterprises feel the pressure even more than large business organisations due to a lack of expertise and budget for the digitalisation of processes. The production industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina should use the opportunity provided by the process and focus on taking a giant leap in digitalisation towards industry 4.0 and 5.0. The whole IT infrastructure is migrating fast towards cloud-based solutions and apps are replaced by exclusively cloud-based solutions.

Business operations of companies increasingly depend on the use of data, so that in addition to being strategic business companies, they may also become key targets, if they are not well protected, and such losses certainly constitute a heavy burden for SMEs. SMEs need the development of tailor-made software, various professional digital services and an adequate infrastructure and platforms in order to alleviate the pressure and jump on the digitalisation train that is already leaving the train station. In this context, support will be provided in compliance with the principle test-before-invest, which should increase the interest of SMEs and ensure a more decisive progress in the process of digitalisation. Furthermore, DIH will provide assistance with the identification of projects that might be of interest for the purpose of ensuring financing from selected EU funds and that are extremely important for the success of digital transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Storm DIH will ensure access to advanced cloud infrastructure, big data, analytical and IoT platforms and services, including also cloud-based applications. Also, the offer will be complemented by an analysis and assistance of experts in the digitalisation of business processes and implementation of ERP, EDI, IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions as well as a fast creation of a prototype, additional production, training and integration in robotics and virtual/expanded reality.

DIH will share its know-how through a knowledge database, training courses, consultancy services and various events focused on specific and specialist topics. Also, small and medium enterprises will benefit from our strong partner network and relations that we have built since our establishment. The technological focus of Digital Storm DIH:

  • Digital tailor-made business solutions
  • Artificial intelligence, machine-based learning and predicative analytics
  • Additional production
  • Software as a service and service architecture
  • Cloud computing
  • Sensor system
  • Simulation, modelling and digital twins
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Virtual and expanded reality
  • Micro/nano electronics
  • Internet of things
  • Robotics and collaboration robotics
  • Cyber security and data protection
  • Big data, data analytics, data processing

Key services provided by Digital Storm:

  • Concepts, prototypes, testing, measuring and validation
  • Project development
  • Provision of technology infrastructure
  • Strategic research and development within its competences
  • Application patents and intellectual property protection
  • Learning ecosystem
  • Skills, training, education
  • Specialised courses about the ecosystem/technology/business, development of education strategy
  • Access to EU funds for digitalisation
  • Representation, promotion

In addition to the above named, our DIH will also ensure additional state-of-art premises for testing and expertise in order to help SMEs to develop, design, validate and deliver new and advanced solutions.

Such an approach will certainly help entrepreneurs and SMEs to use new technologies to create prototypes and carry out small-scale tests of their products without/before large investments in technology.


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